Week 19: Women and innovation (destigmatising menstruation)

Photo by Marketing City to Sea on Unsplash

Across the world, girls are still put at a disadvantage in life because of period stigma, the lack of access to clean water, and period poverty.

Photo by Roma Kaiuk🇺🇦 on Unsplash

“Periods [have long] been associated with dirt, and disgust, and shame, and some might say fear,” — Jane Ussher, professor of Women’s Health Psychology at Western Sydney University

How many women out there continue trudging on at work, reluctant to call in sick despite shivering in cold sweat and having tight calves, a sore lower back, and a cramping uterus, just because “I’m not really sick”?



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Wen Xin (Gwen)

Wen Xin (Gwen)


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